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They're Playing Our Song

Alie Stehle

Married on 05/06/2021

Amazing People

He is really amazing, I'd recommend him anywhere, anytime. There's a great difference between him and others in that field.

Sent on 10/26/2019


thanks it was so much fun planning and djing your special day
see you at jasmines wedding next year

They're Playing Our Song

Lisa Standridge

getting married on 04/02/2020

Dj was great!

Our wedding has just passed and we have had nothing but compliments in regards to Neil! He was fantastic, he had my entire family up and dancing and having an amazing time. All of our guests were allowed to request songs and he played almost every song both my husband and I wanted to hear, and our guests. He is extremely friendly and will work with you day and night. I even made some changes last min and he didn't complain or fuss, he went right along with it. He was extremely reliable and whenever i sent him an email i would have a response within a few minuets or immediately the next day. Mark is also very affordable, which made our budget very, very happy! We had such a great experience with him, and even 3 days after the wedding our family is still talking about how much fun we had on the dance floor. Thank you so much, Neil! Lisa and David Standridge

Sent on 10/19/2019


Thanks so much lisa
instead of mark you might want to identify on the mark so customers dont get confused and spell minutes correctly

They're Playing Our Song

Jaimie Mowry

Married on 10/12/2019

Thank you Guys

This company does everything they promised and more, the DJs were awesome and our reception was fabulous.

Sent on 10/24/2019


Thanks so much lisa
pleasure you giys and your guests were great Happy Memories!!! ive never seen so much dancing and fun

They're Playing Our Song

Just amazing music Neil

Married on 10/05/2019

Best music ever for my wedding. Neil and his team Making this time unforgettable with such pretty selection of music. Thank you guys for doing this time magic with the music you played for my wedding!

Sent on 10/20/2019


It was a pleasure to serve you and your guests Happy Memories!!
im also glad you guys had fun with the photobooth

They're Playing Our Song

Ginnie Ren

Married on 09/03/2019

Neil was great

Neil has given me an experience i cant explain, You have just got to feel it yourself..

Sent on 10/26/2019

They're Playing Our Song

John Doyle

Married on 08/10/2019

Neil is a Professional

Neil gave us and our guest a wonderful moment during the reception if my wedding, he is truly a professional at his job. Thank you Neil, I really appreciate.

Sent on 10/29/2019

They're Playing Our Song


Married on 07/31/2019

Best Event so Far

I enjoyed the rest of the event after the Cake cutting and bouquet because of the songs Neil played through, he was s0 awesome with his Job.

Sent on 10/22/2019

They're Playing Our Song

Ana Redson

Married on 06/22/2019

Professional DJ

More than i could have dreamed we had a photoshoot through them it was great, they played all great music my friends all were asking who this dj was and neil was so friendly at the reception and in our personal meeting a true pro like him.

Sent on 10/24/2019

They're Playing Our Song

Margarette Sherwood

Married on 06/15/2019

The event was great

Our wedding went as planned because of the this wonderful company, it was awesome having this excellent DJ to handle our musicals, he did a marvelous job and we will forever be grateful to him.

Sent on 10/23/2019

They're Playing Our Song

Dorry Amar Sanchez

married on 06/01/2019

Great and Promising Company

This company are just great and wonderful, they promised us an awesome event and went further to give us more than they promised. Omg the DJ was excellent at the Reception.

Sent on 10/23/2019

They're Playing Our Song

Kellen Ballatori

married on 05/25/2019

This people are wonderful

These company rock best musical and great service created magical memories for me and my hubby. Thank you

Sent on 10/24/2019

They're Playing Our Song

Kathie Azevedo

married on 05/18/2019

Thanks, you're the best

I am very happy because we actually made the right using this company, my Wedding went great and extra ordinary because they handled everything the way they should. I want to also thank the DJ personally because he groved everyone at the event, he is so good at his job

Sent on 10/23/2019

They're Playing Our Song

Chris Joshua

married on 05/11/2019

Amazing Job

The bridal procession was a spectacular one. The wedding planners has got to be paid extra, cos they did an amazing job with the wedding..

Sent on 11/09/2019

They're Playing Our Song

Lark Mcclelland 

married on 05/10/2019

I enjoyed it

What a pro Neil was, i never knew beautiful songs like those he played ever existed, He's got a way of making people want more. He's really awesome!

Sent on 10/26/2019

They're Playing Our Song

Cammie Clubb

married on 05/04/2019

Wonder Vibes from DJ

Our DJ was Neil. He was so great with the type of music he played at our wedding, He got everyone grooving to the vibes. I will tell my friends to hire this company.
Sent on 10/23/2019

They're Playing Our Song

Margarita Dailey

married on 05/01/2019

I love your services

This DJ has got to be the one for my wedding, i've got to have him keep my guests on their feet, he made me feel every beat down to my spine.
Sent on 10/26/2019

They're Playing Our Song

Lind Titus

married on 04/06/2019

Wonderful Experience

Neil was awesome, he played all the songs we wanted a d kept guest dancing all night. the cutting of the cake was so perfect this guys are the best you can find.
Sent on 10/24/2019

They're Playing Our Song

Jordan Kernan

married on 03/30/2019

DJ Rocks Totally

If i were to rate this DJ, I would award him DJ of the year, he rocks totally. I and my wife couldn't even stop dancing during the reception.
He doesn't play music; he is the music himself.
Sent on 10/29/2019

They're Playing Our Song

Tammie Min

married on 02/02/2019

Had a Good DJ

No words can describe Neil, Oh my God He's skills as a DJ are " out of this world"
Sent on 10/26/2019

They're Playing Our Song

Candice Newby

married on 01/05/2019

He did it right and am rprr

One advice i'll give to you is never underestimate anyone, I mean; Neil is just a man whose gat nothing to offer but when he controls the music, even statues wanna dance... He's freakin genius!!
Sent on 11/05/2019

They're Playing Our Song

Brett Downey 

married on 11/30/2018

There is no DJ like you

All hail DJ Neil the great, there is none other like you. You the best. By the songs you play everybody must dance...
Sent on 11/04/2019

They're Playing Our Song

Scott Root

married on 10/13/2018

Perfect DJ for everyone

Neil is the perfect DJ for whatever occasion you have...he is just so so Talented.
Sent on 11/04/2019

They're Playing Our Song

Daniel Bright

married on 09/22/2018

The DJ is a legend

The DJ was, WAW!!!
Just WAW, I don't even have words to tell you how awesome he was at my reception with all the songs hr played got everyone shaking their body.. He is a legend!!!
Sent on 11/07/2019

They're Playing Our Song

Johnathan Venezia

married on 07/07/2018

DJ Was Good

The DJ's music made me realise i "gat the grooves and moves of dancing", he got me anticipating the next song he was gonna play
Sent on 11/03/2019

They're Playing Our Song

Heather Schor

married on 06/16/2018

He is the Man

I bet the wedding would be a negative talk of the town if Neil hadn't managed the music. He's the man, He rocked every moment of our wedding.
Sent on 11/04/2019

They're Playing Our Song

Tracey Melton

married on 02/24/2018

Neil made everyone dance

Music was a memorable combo, Neil made every one dance. Both men and women; young and old. All were shocked by his skills
Sent on 11/11/2019

They're Playing Our Song

Brian Joanes

married on 12/02/2017

He I truly a professional

I want to say a bid thank you for your contribution in making our wedding a special day to always remember. You made everyone expected with the type of music you played during the reception. You are truly a professional.
Sent on 11/03/2019

They're Playing Our Song

Julie Ellam

married on 04/01/2017

He is one of a kind

See Neil was like, the butter to our bread, he spiced up everyone's day, He made us all very happy with his music at the reception of our wedding, He's one of a kind
Sent on 11/08/2019

They're Playing Our Song

Muriel Ferris

married on 02/25/2017

Extremely the Best I've seen so far

Extraordinary, its a great honor having someone this awesome be our man on the wheels of steel, he's just waw..
Sent on 11/04/2019

They're Playing Our Song

Stephanie Weil

married on 02/18/2017

Making him our DJ was best Choice

Making him the DJ was the best decision we've made in a very long time, His music neutralised all our worries and made us let go of our troubles.
Sent on 11/04/2019

They're Playing Our Song

Veronica Tobin

married on 09/03/2016

Type of DJ the world needs

I don't know how he does it but that DJ's music made me forget I had bills to pay. Its kinda like his skills have the solution to all my problems. That's the kinda DJ this world needs.....
Sent on 11/06/2019

They're Playing Our Song

Jane Manasse

married on 04/01/2014

DJ was Good

The DJ made the location for the reception a very assuring level, felt safe throughout the whole reception,it was amazing and was peaceful.
Sent on 11/09/2019

They're Playing Our Song


married on 03/19/2010

Neil was absolutely the best DJ! We had so much fun, and he really kept the party going. He did the ceremony music and the reception, and it was everything and more than I could have imagined. He was great to work with and really helpful throughout the whole process. The guests also loved Neil, and said that our wedding was the best wedding they had been to in years (which had everything to do with Neil). Definitely would recommend him to anyone! He is the best! 🙂
Sent on 04/08/2010

They're Playing Our Song


married on 01/02/2010

These guys are FANTASTIC! I recommend them to everyone planning a wedding. You just can't go wrong with "They're Playing Our Song." They were very professional, on-time and kept the beat going the whole evening. We truly appreciate your attention to detail and have told our family in Atlanta to recommend you to people they know. Thanks so much!
Sent on 01/14/2010

They're Playing Our Song


married on 10/17/2009

Our daughter was married on October 17th. We were 'flying blindly' when it came to finding a DJ for the reception. The first thing to catch my attention was the professional look of their website. Needless to say, we were nervous about taking a chance with a company that was not coming from a personal reference. We were pleasantly surprised and impressed! The reception ran smoothly, he knew what needed to be announced when and played all the right music. Neil truly enjoys his job. Very personable, as my elderly mother-in-law was in a wheelchair and he visited her for a moment, donning a 70's wig and dancing! He tickled her funny bone and still talks about the man who came over and kissed her on the forehead!

The fee was worth every penny and we'd recommend him to anyone, in a heartbeat! Thanks again!
Sent on 10/28/2009

They're Playing Our Song


married on 05/30/2009

Great guy who knows his stuff. Followed our directions & suggestions of music choices. Knows protocol for all types of weddings including Jewish & Christian. Far exceeded our expectations with value for money paid!! Would definetely use again for another function!!
Sent on 06/29/2009

They're Playing Our Song

Gillie Cosman

married on

Had an wonderful wedding

My wedding was so great cause everyone who came to my wedding was filled with excitement and had fun, Neil was the person behind everyone's smile because he was so friendly and respond to all kinds of music that he was suggested to play. Thank You Neil

Sent on 10/22/2019

They're Playing Our Song

Will Coloma

married on

Great DJ! He had the night lid.

He had everyone on the dance floor. Worth every penny. Happy wife happy life.

Thank you,

Sent on 10/24/2019

They're Playing Our Song

Lyons Charlotte

married on 11/02/2019

I recommend DJ Neil for your wedding

It was a great experience with DJ Neil on the wheel, he got everyone one moving their body at our wedding reception. He is truly a professional at his DJ work and his services are good. I fully recommend him to everyone planning for a wedding.

Sent on 11/25/2019


it was a pleasure to dj yout wedding i booked your friends so we will see you guys next year


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